Steel Roof Solar Modules

Solar for Tiny house
Steel Roof installed in tiny home

Introducing the latest advancement in cost saving for solar installations.  The unique metal roof sheeting has built-in solar power generation capability. Why build a roof, then add solar modules?  Build a roof WITH built-in solar modules.

Need solar power for your shed or tiny home?  The Steel Roof Solar provides water-tight roofing and solar power, all-in-one. The output of the Steel Roof Solar modules connect directly to normal solar equipment like charge controllers and inverters.

Steel Roof PV Datasheet

Steel Roof Solar on Tiny House
Steel Roof Solar on Tiny House

  • Solar cells laminated directly to metal sheets

  • Pre-painted 22 gauge galvanized steel

  • Trouble-free installations, no spaces bird or rodent infestation

  • Ideal for snow country installations, no snow or ice dams possible

  • No roof penetrations for solar

  • Glass free design minimizes damage from rocks

  • Easy to install,  like typical roofing

  • Warrant for defects for 10-years, production warranty for 25-years

  • Integrated bypass diodes to minimize power loss from shading


With solar cells laminated directly to the roof surface during manufacturing, the installation process is simple…..just screw the roof sheeting to the building frame.

> No support rails     > No special clamps         > No extra holes in your roof

End View, Solar Laminated to Metal Roofing


Servicing the solar wiring has never been easier.  The junction boxes and interconnect wires are directly on the underside of the metal roof sheet.  All the electrical wiring is protected from the elements.  There is no concern about clips or cable ties coming loose due to UV deterioration.

Solar wires under Steel Roof Solar

When building tiny houses, the Steel Roof Solar modules are a  perfect match. Low wind resistance and low profile create a  solar roof that blends with any design.

Steel Roof Solar on Tiny House
Steel Roof Solar on Tiny House
Steel Roof Solar on retreat cabin
Steel Roof Solar in National Park is the ideal solar for heavy snow load sites.