30A DC-DC Solar Charge Controller 12v



MD1230 is a DC-DC converter with a built-in solar  charge controller.  It is designed to enable lithium or AGM battery charging from a standard automotive alternator.  The solar charge controller function will charge both the auto battery and the house battery.  The unit is designed for 12-14V  batteries.  Default settings for Lead Acid and lithium batteries is standard, with user-specific settings available.

◆ Sealed battery, gel battery, vented battery, lithium battery and user-defined battery can all be used as backup battery.
◆ Available for intelligent generator and conventional generator, automatic recognition of generator type through ignition signal.
◆ The charging working modes divides into PV charges backup battery, generator charges backup battery, PV and generator charge backup battery and PV charges starter battery.
◆Backup battery charging voltage line loss compensation function makes the battery charging voltage control more accurate.
◆ Backup battery temperature sampling function and temperature compensation function of lead-acid battery can effectively extend the lifespan of battery.
◆ TTL communication, provide technical support for communication protocol to facilitate the secondary development of applications.
◆ Support external remote switch control charging.
◆ Parameters can be monitored and set by mobile phone APP and PC monitoring setting software
◆ High quality aluminum radiator and high temperature derating process ensure reliable and efficient operation under various working conditions

DC-DC Solar Charger Datasheet 

1-yr manufacturer’s warranty.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in