400A/48V Battery Combiner + Disconnect Switch, Pre-Charge, 4 Chan, IP-55



Part Number:  108-0017-00
Voltage (V):  100
Current (A):  400
Power (W):
Wire Size: 2AWG  to 2/0 input.  Max output wire 4/0 may require removal of cover plate.


400A-48V Battery combiner box with emergency disconnect switch and capacitor pre-charge switch. Can be remotely activated when used with secondary remote switch (optional).

Enables emergency personnel to be confident all internal household AC power sources have been shut down.  This is a frequent demand by local jurisdictions.

This outdoor rated powder-coated box is inserted in-line with the positive battery cable, between battery and solar inverter. It is used to combine multiple batteries for use by one or more inverters.

The emergency disconnect switch on the door panel enables battery power to be interrupted with a single button push.  An additional emergency switch can be added to enable remote deactivation, typically located near the  outdoor switchgear.

Each  incoming battery cable is protected using a 100A breaker switch to enable individual interruption of battery power. The four independent 100A breakers merge  inputs from  multiple batteries into a single larger output cable pair.   Busbars are included for positive and negative connections to outgoing  solar inverter cables.  Channel inputs enter the top through water-tight cord grips; output of the combined battery connection exits through the bottom side through bushing-protected holes.

Following the bank of combined breakers, the positive battery power flows through a normally-closed relay contactor.  If either the internal or remote pushbutton is depressed, the battery voltage is interrupted

Battery Combiner with disconnect-terminal strip
To add optional remote switch, replace black jumper with switch wires.

Output connections are available to support two pairs of battery connections for supporting two hybrid inverters(2 pos and 2 neg) from a single combiner box, with 1-4 input battery cable connections.

The momentary pre-charge button is used during startup to allow the input capacitor of the inverter or charge controller to charge slowly, preventing the high current arc that could damage the contact in the contactor.

The water resistant door includes a dual keyed latches.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 16 × 8 in

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