This Cafe 1, ShadeCharger-equipped solar picnic table, is a battery backed-up off-grid solar powered charging station for outdoor environments. Cafe 1 is designed for dining and coffee establishments.  Solar powered  120vac outlets and standard USB outlets for each seat. Whether in steel or concrete, this picnic table is extremely robust and resilient to weather conditions and vandalism.


Compatible with to enable pay-per-use charging and wifi options.


  • A solar powered charging table with 120v(2) receptacles and USB outlets(6)
  • A powerful 600W DC solar array and 1440Whr lithium battery bank
  • Bluetooth controlled speakers for mobile connection
  • Architectural design, and a fully engineered commercial grade structure
  • Supports up to 75-150 hand held mobile device charges/day (typical use)
  • Supports charging for tablets, laptops, cameras, and other electronic devices
  • Attractive non-glare LED table top lighting system for nighttime use
  • True off-grid solar power design that delivers dependable year round charging power even in worst case weather conditions
  • Optimized system design includes complete solar charger, battery and power inverter and standard UL listed NEMA receptacles.
  • 90mph wind speed rated self-ballasted concrete construction
  • Low maintenance with a ten to twenty year expected service life
  • Seats six comfortably with room for additional ADA compliant wheelchair seating on ends.


  • Canopy height (high side): 9 ft. (adjustable)
  • Canopy head clearance height (low side): 6’6”
  • Table dimensions: 68″ Round”‘
  • Weight: 2000lbs
  • Canopy: 58.5” W x 81″ L
  • Contact factory for specific shipping costs


  • Solar array capacity: 600kW DC
  • Two120V traditional electrical receptacles
  • Six USB charging ports
  • Battery: 1.44kWhr sealed lithium
  • Inverter: 300W power inverter
  • Charge controller: Lithium battery charge controller
  • Battery replacement cycle: ten years/3000 cycles (typical)
  • All electrical and structural steel components bonded to NEC compliant earth grounding electrode (ground rod)


  • Design autonomy: three days with little sunlight
  • Design depth of discharge: 80%
  • Typical daily energy production: 3,100Whr
  • Design location: Jackson California
  • Table and bench top material and colors
  • Wifi internet option available


  • Cast reinforced concrete unit
  • Wind speed rating: 90 mph self-ballasted (no surface attachment required)
  • Durable industrial strength construction with easy to clean surfaces
  • Seats six adults comfortably on  parallel seats
  • Engineered pole mount system,  MIG welded frame and stainless steel screws


  • Robust ballast mount system minimizes movement
  • Additional “anti-vandal”  attachment options
  • Robust, heavy duty components; inherently vandal-proof
  • Tamper resistant hardware and fasteners


  • One year warranty on installation
  • Twenty-five year warranty on solar panel power output



  • Pay-per-use option for individual outlets.
  • WiFi internet option is unlimited data (monthly fee applies)

Additional information

Weight 1813 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 48 × 48 in

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