Kit for converting General Guardian generators to 2-wire start/stop control. This is most commonly desired for control by battery meters in solar systems.

Solar inverter generator relay contacts can start and stop.  Generators  can be started when battery voltage drops below the adjustable threshold.  No need to wait for the actual AC voltage to collapse.

Typical installation uses an external relay or switch to short J1 Pin 18 to J2 Pin 10 to cause the generator to start.

Connectorized wires are provided for insertion into existing unused connector slots.  These wires are then connected to external relay lines.  Shorting the wires causes the generator to run; opening the connection causes the generator to stop.

Generator setup menu needs to be changed to use 2-wire start setting. Generator switch  is then left in AUTO position.

Installation Instructions: Generac Remote Start/Start Wiring Kit

Photo shows insertion of wires into blank locations on generator connectors.

Adding gen start wires to Generac Evolution 1 controller
Adding 2-wire start wiring to Generac Generator


After insertion of wires

Adding wires to control Generac generator by inverter
Adding wires to control Generac generator by solar inverter

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 4 in

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