Solar Inverter Installation Labor



 Basic inverter installation package for a  wall-mounted site.   This labor package meets the needs of many new solar owners.   Wiring and cable is extra.

This package includes:

    • Mounting of EMT conduit  20 ft max
    • Installation  of  surface conduit & wiring (priced per foot)
    • Mounting of  charger(not included) to a vertical wall surface
    • Includes  2 hours of labor
    • Use of power lift to elevate heavy inverters
    • 30 miles of round-trip mileage, $5 per mile for longer distances

Other items that may be required, but are not included:

  • Concrete anchors
  • Flexible conduit
  • LB connectors
  • Battery Cables and Lugs
  • EMT Conduit

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