LP-12kW Hybrid Inverter, Best-in-Class Battery Inverter



This LP-12kW battery-based hybrid inverter is the world’s most powerful 12kW solar power inverter.  It enables nearly any solar operating mode imaginable;  isolate from the grid, reduce your draw from the grid, or enable you to go entirely off-grid.

        • PV array up to 18kW
        • Pass through power from grid or generator up to 12kW
        • Grid feedback up to 12kW,
        • Off-grid power up to 12kW.
        • Can pass full 200A when operating on utility power
        • Built-in circuit breakers for simple installation
        • Remote monitoring app for mobile devices

This inverter can function as a simple grid-tied inverter, ready for future battery addition.  Optionally, a battery can be added to enable power during non-solar conditions.

Extraordinarily, even when the utility power fails, the inverter will produce its
full solar power at the entire home breaker panel

Additional information

Weight 88 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 9 in