Sola-Clamp, single rail-free module clamp for comp roof



Sola-Clamp kit for composition roof
Sola-Clamp kit for composition roof

Unique patent pending clamp for securing solar panels to any flat surface without need for traditional solar rails or supports.  Clamps work with modules of virtually any thickness or dimension.

It is ideal for attaching  solar modules to composition roofs.

Three inch pressure washer applies pressure to underlying sealant, while blocking damaging  UV light.

The clamp attaches along any edge of the solar module, at spacing convenient for alignment with rafter intervals.  For adjacent modules, a second single Sola-Clamp can be installed on same attachment bolt.

Sola-Clamp set screw view
Rail-Free Sola-Clamp set screw view

Clamp is secured to the underside lip of the solar module frame  using allen-head pressure screws. The clamp secures against lateral and upward forces. The protruding flange is slotted for flexible screw placement to the underlying surface.


Additional information

Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in

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