Low Cost 2.2kW Solar System, Tall Array+Structure+Inverter, one slope



This Solar-to-Go 2200W solar system is a complete solar system used to feed power into your home wiring grid,  injecting energy to instantaneously cancel heavy loads to prevent them from increasing utility bills.

Summer utility bill reduction estimate: $190/mo

One unit can effectively eliminate the cost of operating a standard home AC unit.

This  tall single direction Solar-To-Go support structure for solar array enables simple transport and placement.  This system uses four solar modules in landscape mode, resulting in width of less than 7ft.  Distance between leg foundations is 10 feet.

Solar-to-go GroundRack 4-Tall
Solar-To-Go Tall Rack-4

Output power is available at a 30A twist-lock output cord.

Solar-to-go cord connector
Solar-to-go cord connector

The output from solar panels is converter to standard home voltage by a simple pre-wired 2000W power inverter.

Extension cords are available to match standard receptacles.

4 input 2kW Home Grid Inverter
4 input 2kW Home Grid Inverter


Rack-4 can be protected against wind uplift and theft by use of concrete cinder blocks or SunnyCal Ground Screws.  A simple impact tool can provide more than 300lbs of hold-down strength.

Solar Ground Screw
Optional Ground Screws Secure Against Uplift

The sections can be held in place by SunnyCal ground screws for rapid installation.

Solar is made simple by:

  • System can be pre-built and wired for will-call pickup, or shortened for packaged shipping.
  • Leg foundations for  surface resting  on level terrain
  • Sections can be transported using normal pickup or trailer
  • Hold down can be made by ballast weight, rebar-nails, concrete attachment or ground screws
  • System can be expanded by adding additional sections
  • Engineering calculations available(optional)
  • If energy production exceeds on-site usage, a metering agreement may be required with your utility provider.

Select in-store pickup at checkout and call if delivery is required.

Additional information

Weight 114 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 24 in

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