Steel tensioning anchor  for solar nets.   Support anchors that attach on the boundary metal framework of carport solar structures, and provide vertical and lateral support for net tensioners. This enable tensioners to draw net tight above the solar modules. Best when positioned near reinforcing cords  that are embedded into the net.  Anchor extends 24 inches outward from carport frame, and 24 inches above the solar array surface.  Each anchor is secured to carport frame with 3/8″ galvanized bolts(included).  Mounting to flat facia requires two bolts; attaching beside purlin requires two additional bolts, purchased sepatately.

Typical installation requires supports every 6 ft along the perimeter of the net. Can provide up to 100lbs of protection per tensioner.

Tensioners and carabiners are purchased separately.

Picture is representative, but actual tensioner anchor for carports is larger.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 1 × 24 in