Folding Solar Module, Brief Case, 200W, 12V, Black Frame

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Model:  200W Fold
Color: Black Frame
Part Number: 305-0025-27-B
Voltage (V): 12
Current (A): 16
Power (W): 200
Frame Thickness (in): 3


All-in-one solar solution for RV and camping trips.  This waterproof center folding solar panel module includes a charge controller and 10 ft of wire for connecting to your battery.

Tough preformed case with zippered openings on three sides protects your solar modules and the storage area.  Your solar module will not scratch the walls of your storage space.

This easy-to-use system enable you to park in the shade, and place the solar panel in the sun….the best of both worlds!


Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 38 × 6 in