SunnyCal Solar-To-Go(TM) systems are complete solar systems, ready to be placed and used immediately.   Systems  available in “solar sections”.  Users simply buy as many sections as required to meet their power needs.  Each section wiring plugs into the other, and support legs ‘interlock’ to become one.

Systems are:



ready for pickup or delivery

system frames interlock together

all solar wiring is plug-n-play

mount on ground, shipping container or flat roof

suitable for professionals, homeowner DIY and renters


No solar expertise is required.


The sections  are actually complete solar systems that can be used individually, or combined with others to create larger and more powerful systems.  The individual sections can be thought of as “mini solar systems” components.   Each system is pick-and-place, without need of concrete or pipe foundations.

This system is designed for the non-expert. Homeowners or renters can purchase the system for self install, and have a regular electrician install the simple wiring.  No specific  solar knowledge is required.  Additionally, since no construction or site modifications are required, this system is ideal for renters. The system can be relocated from site-to-site.

Solar-To-Go 2 and 4 module arrays
Solar-To-Go 2 and 4 module arrays

The systems come with prefabricated support GroundRack(TM) frames that hold the solar modules and grid-tied microinverters.  The entire system is pick-and-place, without need of concrete or pipe foundations.

Solar-To-Go arrays joined with spice bar
Solar-To-Go arrays joined with spice bar

Legs of each section slip together and become one. By tying  a simple ‘splice bar’ to neighboring sections, the frames become one continuous array.


 If battery systems are preferred, a separate inverter/charger can be selected with order.  Off-grid inverters must be  mounted at an indoor location.



Solar panels + Inverter + GroundRack

Lego-Solar quad microinverter
Solar-To-Go quad microinverter


The key to the Solar-To-Go(TM)  success is simplicity.  No solar expertise is required. Each solar section outputs 240V that can directly feed into a normal circuit breaker.   Units can be transported to your home, and manually placed on the ground in a sunny location. The system is ready to produce energy immediately, all you need to do is connect it to your breaker panel.



Solar-To-Go Systems are Pre-Wired
Solar-To-Go Systems are Pre-Wired


Approximate utility cost savings per summer month based on $0.32/ mo. utility cost:

  • Two module system          $42/mo savingsPurchase button
  • Four module system          $84/mo savings
  • Eight module system        $168/mo savings
  • Sixteen module system   $336/mo savings


All-In-One Off-Grid Inverter
All-In-One Off-Grid Inverter

Off-grid capability is enabled by the all-in-one battery inverter/charge unit in lieu of grid-tied microinverter.  User can connect to either lead-acid or lithium batteries.

An additional bonus is that the dimensions of the GroundRack(TM) exactly match the width of a standard shipping container.  The systems can be mounted as rooftop solar on shipping containers with no customization.

SunnyCal 18-Inch ground Screws can be one option to provide hold-down to protect GroundRack structures from theft or wind uplift.

Ground Screws Secure Against Uplift

Solar systems that are grid-tied to enable  participation in net metering may require additional documentation and inspections.