Solar To Go

Solar-To-Go family of products provide an error-free system for solar system construction.

Solar to Go system is perfect for the non-expert, or warrior, the humble DIY’er.  Homeowners or renters can purchase the system for self install, and then have a certified electrician install the simple wiring.  No specific  solar knowledge is required. Our plug & play pre assembled solar kit is ready to be placed and used immediately

Additionally, since no construction or site modifications are required,.

This pre built solar system is ideal for renters. The system can be relocated from site-to-site. 

Off-grid capability is enabled by the all-in-one battery inverter/charge unit in lieu of grid-tied microinverter.  User can connect to either lead-acid or lithium batteries.

An additional bonus is that the dimensions of the GroundRack(TM) exactly match the width of a standard shipping container. The systems can be mounted as rooftop solar on shipping containers with no customization. For more information on Shipping Container Solar click here

Solar Support Facing Two Directions

Plug & Play pre assembled solar kit
Ready to be placed and used immediately

SunnyCal Solar-To-Go(TM), components and systems are ready to be placed and used immediately. This self install solar systems available in “solar sections”.  Users simply buy as many sections as required to meet their power needs. Each section wiring plugs into the other, and support legs ‘interlock’ to become one.

Solar To Go Plug & Play Kits

No solar expertise is required.

Solar To Go 2 and 4 module arrays

Solar To Go systems are



Ready for pickup or delivery

System frames interlock together

All solar wiring is plug-n-play

Mount on ground, shipping container or flat roof

Suitable for professionals, homeowner DIY and renters

Approximate utility cost savings per summer month based on $0.32/ mo. utility cost:

Two module system          $42/mo savings                           Four module system          $84/mo savings          

Eight module system        $168/mo savings                         Sixteen module system     $336/mo savings

Customize your S-T-G kit

Choose your S-T-G system size

Next choose your Inverter & Panel

2 Modules


4 Modules


8 Modules


5kW Inverter Solar-To-Go

3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter+Charger   24VDC, pre-wired for Solar-To-Go  $1199.00

6kW Inverter/Charger with MPPT Charge Controller

Sungold 6kW Inverter Off-Grid All-In-One, 120v in, 120/240v out, 48VDC                 $1695.00

Solar-To-Go 200A Battery Disconnect, with Pre-charge           $349.00

5kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter+Chgr 48VDC, pre-wired for Solar-To-Go  $1599.00

Breaker Panel for EV Chargers

Solar-To-Go 50A Breaker Panel for Solar or EV Equipment                    $399.00   

Solar-To-Go 50A Breaker Panel for Solar or EV Equipment                    $399.00   

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