ShadeCharger solar picnic table at baseball game

Celebrate Earth Day by Installing Solar Picnic Tables

April 19, 2024

Today, as we celebrate “Earth Day,” let’s look at how we can add renewable energy to our local park and sports fields. Green Energy includes renewable sources such as solar for homes and businesses, but ShadeCharger solar powered picnic tables can now add solar to local parks and libraries.

Cafe-1 In Park thumbs up
Cafe-1 In Park thumbs up

They offer electric power to charge our cell phones and laptops, adding a clean and sustainable route to reduce our carbon footprint, starting in our neighborhood.

Earth Day serves as a poignant reminder of our responsibility to conserve and shield our planet for future generations. Transitioning to green energy, rather than relying on fossil fuels, is a crucial step in combating climate change and fortifying the health and resilience of our environment.

By embracing green energy solutions, we not only reduce our impact on the environment but also foster innovation and economic growth in sustainable industries. Investing in renewable energy infrastructure creates jobs, drives technological advancements, and promotes energy independence.

How can we renew our commitment to green energy with solar energy?

On Earth Day, we can collectively demonstrate our commitment to protecting the planet by taking various actions.  However, one of the simplest options is to switch to solar energy—an affordable and straightforward solution!

Opting for solar energy is an excellent way to embrace sustainability and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Solar picnic table installation is a hassle-free source of Green Energy, plus it provides remote power, shade and seating capacity for our leisure events.

ShadeCharger solar picnic table at baseball game
ShadeCharger solar picnic table at baseball game

To find the best spots for solar tables, consider sunlight exposure, shading, and the preferred seating areas. Solar tables are completely stand-alone, and can be placed on virtually any level surface, whether on grass of paved surfaces. Then, with your wish list in hand, get buy-in from the local authorities.

Power at solar picnic table
Power at solar picnic table top

ShadeCharger tables are unique.  They include solar panels, a lithium battery and power inverter to charge the batteries.  Power is available at the tabletop as AC power outlets and USB plugs.  They are built from an industrial design to be rugged and weatherproof. There are no fabric or laminated surfaces that can be damaged by weather or vandalism; only concrete and metal components are accessible from the seating surfaces.  Finally, the tables can be easily relocated by drive-and-drop using a forklift, enabling seasonable changes to accommodate reconfiguration of multi-use facilities.

Lots of Benefits, with Little Maintenance.

ShadeCharger tables are a long term investment, and will provide decades of service to the communities. In our connected world, where kids prefer spending time on their mobile devices, getting them outside is a healthy change. Solar tables often become the centerpiece of outdoor social activities.

Regular cleaning of table and seating surfaces is all that is needed.  Solar panels are not significantly affected by typical dust and dirt.  Rainfall will provide all the cleaning that is needed. All components of the table are rain and wind resistant, up to 100MPH.

It’s important to protect solar panels from physical damage and extreme weather. Installing special SolarNets, like golf nets or hail blocker nets, can help prevent damage from hailstorms or stray golf and baseballs, especially if the property is near a sports field or golf course.  Nets can be added to block baseballs, golf balls and hail.

Investing in Family Oriented Renewable Energy Upgrades

Solar picnic tables are a unique way to introduce green energy concepts and enhance community services at the same time. Remote power generation offers a low cost way to encourage outdoor activities, all the while providing convenient locations to recharge a dead battery without retreating home.

City of Burlington Library
City of Burlington Library


Library and college settings benefit from outdoor charging as well. Kids can spend time outdoors with their favorite book, soaking up the sunlight and fresh air, instead of sitting in a dark indoor reading room.  As more and more publications are in electronic media, remote power can be key to keeping things powered during use.



Taking this proactive approach helps protect the money invested in solar infrastructure and makes renewable energy production stronger and more sustainable.

Solar picnic table at Colorado University
Solar picnic table at Colorado University

So on this Earth Day, let’s commit to using solar energy, reducing our carbon footprint, and safeguarding our planet for future generations. For inquiries about ShadeCharger solar picnic tables, please contact us at 209-464-6100, email us at or visit

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