Conex Shipping Container Solar

Sunnycal’s shipping container solar are engineered structures that include sloped support legs, cross rails, attachment feet and required screws. Color is galvanized steel and clear aluminum. (Solar modules are not included).

Shipping Container Solar

Each kit includes solar supports for a 20 ft cargo container to achieve 50lbs of snow load resistance. Two kits are necessary for 40ft containers. Note: clamps to secure solar modules is not included, and must be purchased separately

Solar Supports

Solar Support Facing Two Directions
Shipping Container Solar
Shipping Container Solar

Solar Supports

Example of two direction support frame with two modules installed (show with square tube leg supports)

Leg supports attach directly to edge of cargo container, with self-tapping screws penetrating on the side only to minimize roof leaks

The Shipping Container Solar package powers the shipping container using energy generated by the sun.

Solar Support For Cargo Containers Data Sheet

Cargo Shipping Container-1 Datasheet

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Available for purchase to California, Washington and Nevada. (Consult factory for other locations)

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