This kit is designed add ShadeCharger functionality to an existing picnic or cafe table. All components are provided except the table structure and pedestal base. Installation is not included.


This kit requires a table, with predrilled 3.75″ or 4.75″ center hole, that can withstand at least 2000lbs. of uplift and wind drag.

Kit includes:

  • 600W Solar array with wiring
  • 4 inch support pole
  • Power module, consisting of:
    • Two 110vac plug receptacles
    • Six USB receptacles
    • 600W AC load capacity
    • 1440Whr lithium battery+BMS
    • Two 15W LED surface lights
    • Dual Bluetooth Controlled Speakers
    • Optional Wifi router (for use with host wifi)*
    • Optional Cellular Data Router (unlimited data plan available)*


*Consult factory for additional cost of options.






Additional information

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 85 × 65 × 20 in