Solar GolfNet Side Net Support, Direct Attach


Powercoated black, with steel hook eye


Side Support bracket for holding Solar GolfNets above the solar modules.  This black powdercoated steel support bracket is 18″ tall, and attaches directly to solar module frames using four self-drilling screws (provided). Exclusive design minimizes shading on solar modules to reduce impact on energy harvest.

Side support are placed around the perimeter of the GolfNet, on 6-8 ft intervals to prevent net sag.

Direct Attach Solar GolfNet Side Support Bracket
Solar GolfNet Side Support Bracket attaches directly to solar module frame
Example of golf net support placement
Example of golf net support placements
Solar GolfNet Side Support
Example of Side Support attached directly to solar modules


Stainless steel hook eye is installed at top of support arm.

Hook Eye Solar GolfNet Support
Stainless Hook Eye in Solar GolfNet Support

Net will not be effective against heavy objects like rocks and falling tree branches.

Simple Solar GolfNet Installation
Simple Solar GolfNet Installation with 4 corner support brackets

This support can be used with Solar GolfNet  or Solar BallNet.

Do not use impact driver as it may damage solar module.

Protected by 5-Year limited performance warranty.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in